Commercial Services




  • 1.7 MV NEC Tandem (5SDH) high-energy ion-implanter
  • 150 kV ion-implanter with negative ion source
  • 1.7 MV NEC Tandem RBS/ERDA/PIXIE beamline for ion-beam analysis


Full range of ion-implantation services


  • Species: Most elements available with the exception of N and the inert gases.
  • Energies: Ion energies in the range 15 keV to 10 MeV, depending on species.
  • Temperature: Samples can be heated or cooled during implantation.
  • Area: Wafers up to 150 mm (6”) diameter can be accommodated. Typical implant areas are of order 3cm x 3cm.


Price based on application. Please contact us to request a quote.